List of products that increase potency in men

Potency in men is a big part of medical science and practice. Specialists from various fields of medicine are involved in the development of a "magic pill" that could increase potency in all men without exception: urologists, endocrinologists, neuropathologists and even nutritionists. Experts say that male potency is directly dependent on how a man eats.

The diet of the modern representative of the stronger sex is often far from perfect. Many men eat monotonously and messily, add condiments and sauces rich in flavor enhancers and harmful synthetic concentrates to food, abuse fatty, fried, smoked foods, drink sparkling sweet water, drink alcohol.

Under the influence of negative factors that abound in the environment, men's health becomes increasingly unstable from year to year, and improper nutrition with low-quality products aggravates the problem, creating a deficiency of one or another vitamin. or necessary element in a man's body. Such conditions lead to erectile dysfunction, decreased fertility, and even impotence, complete impotence.

How the potency depends on the vitamins.

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Human health, in particular, the potency of a man, depends on the quantity and quality of nutrients that enter the body with food. Vitamins A, E, C and B, the trace elements zinc and selenium have a direct effect on potency in men.

Foods rich in vitamin A (beta-carotene, retinol) have a beneficial effect on the immune system of men, increase sexual capacity and improve male fertility. The daily intake of vitamin A for an adult man is about 5, 000 IU.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) affects the production of hormones in a man's body. To maintain optimal levels of hormones that support healthy function of the testes and seminiferous tubules, a man should consume 12-15 mg of vitamin E every day.

A well-known antioxidant and agent that strengthens the immune system, vitamin C, improves the potency of men and influences the production of the hormone by the pituitary gland, responsible for libido. This hormone is called dopamine. In addition to this property, vitamin C stabilizes and activates the tocopherol consumed by a man.

The B vitamins nourish and strengthen the nervous system of man. By itself, resistance to stress is the key to a successful sex life. In addition, the vitamins in this group enhance the ability of the cells of the nervous system to conduct impulses.

Thiamine (B1) relieves fatigue, provides energy to the brain and peripheral nervous system;

Nicotinic acid (niacin, vitamin B3) strengthens the blood vessels, including the vessels that supply blood to the tissues of the penis, which are responsible for erection;

Pyridoxine (B6) synthesizes serotonin, the hormone of happiness, which makes sex high quality, bright orgasm, man happy with life, including sex. Vitamin B6 deficiency makes a man irritable, nervous, causes fatigue and indifference towards sex.

Folic acid (B9) is included in almost all "men's" vitamin complexes, as this vitamin participates in the production of the hormones norepinephrine and serotonin, increases endurance, and improves general well-being.

The element selenium is essential for every man who is concerned about the quality of his sperm. In addition to increasing fertility, selenium participates in the production of testosterone and maintains the male genitourinary system in a healthy state. The daily intake of selenium for a man is up to 100 mcg, depending on the health of his reproductive system.

The mineral zinc is considered important for male potency, which promotes testosterone production, supports the natural protective functions of the male body, and is responsible for the health of the "heart" of the male reproductive system - the prostate gland. To keep the main male organ working, a man should consume around 15 mg of zinc per day.

It would seem that for good potency a man should go to the nearest pharmacy and buy the above set of vitamins and elements. In fact, the situation is not like that. Of course, vitamin and mineral supplements in food can help the body and improve the quality of sexual life, however, it will not be possible to completely replace proper nutrition with the intake of vitamins.

For a man who has embarked on the path of fighting impotence, first of all, it is necessary to establish a diet. He should eat 3 to 5 times a day, depending on individual characteristics and physical activity. Each meal should be high in calories, the products should be combined with each other, and the weekly menu should simply be varied. The transition to a male strength diet should be started by adjusting the serving size. Too large portions of food put great pressure on the digestive system, so that the intestines absorb only part of the nutrients from lunch or dinner "from the stomach. "Therefore, meals must be satisfying and contain protein, fat and carbohydrates in optimal proportions.

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Male potency products

In order to come up with the correct menu, a man must understand which foods enhance potency, he must eat the "correct" foods separately from the rest or simply add them to his usual diet.

Many wives will be delighted, and husbands will be amazed at the simplicity and low cost of one of the most useful products for a good erection. It turns out that to increase male potency, quail eggs are considered one of the most effective products.

Every morning a man needs to eat one and a half to two dozen quail eggs scrambled.

The dish can be served with green onions, but it is better to refuse fatty mayonnaise and bacon. When restoring power, you should not try to save money and replace quail eggs with chicken eggs that have a lower cost. 1 quail egg contains 3 times more substances useful for potency than chicken eggs, and cholesterol, harmful to the cardiovascular system, is completely absent in quail eggs. Other advantages of quail eggs over chicken eggs are their ability to remove radionuclides from the human body, increase hemoglobin in the blood, improve immunity, and normalize blood pressure. A small quail egg contains 3-5 times more phosphorus, iron and potassium than a large chicken egg.

Other products that improve male potency:

  • dried fruits (peanuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds, pine nuts, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, pistachios);
  • vegetables (turnips, tomatoes, bell peppers and hot peppers, daikon, eggplant, carrots, broccoli, pumpkin);
  • fruits (durian, citrus, kiwi, grapes, pomegranates);
  • shellfish (mussels, shrimp, crabs, oysters);
  • fermented dairy products (cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese);
  • meat (veal, tongue, liver, veal);
  • fish (mackerel, flounder, salmon).

Condiments that increase libido and improve the quality of the erection: mint, anise, hot pepper, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom. Honey (in the absence of allergies in men), herbal teas and natural chocolate are useful for persistent erections.

After browsing the list of useful foods for an erection, you can create a varied menu. It is recommended that the dishes are prepared without much salt. Meat, fish, and vegetables are healthier when steamed. Vegetable oil for dressing salads and making sauces should be cold pressed, as heat treatment destroys compounds useful for potency. Most of the Daily Value for animal protein is best consumed at lunchtime, or no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime. The fact is that meat, despite its high nutritional value, is a difficult food to digest, so it is not recommended to overload the gastrointestinal tract with such foods before going to bed.

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Products harmful to potency

Products that increase potency in men tend to go well with each other. For the rapid recovery of the male body, you should not only eat as many nuts, honey and seafood as possible, but also try to exclude from the diet foods that adversely affect potency.

First of all, to maintain male strength for many years, a man must minimize alcohol consumption and completely stop smoking tobacco. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels often become the cause of impotence, so addictions do not fit into the lifestyle of the sex giant. Quitting drinking and smoking may not be enough, because the cholesterol in fast food can permanently clog blood vessels, one day preventing the corpus cavernosum of the penis from filling with blood. Therefore, no matter how brutal the appetite was, and no matter how fragrant the smell of cheburek may seem, you need to go through such establishments and not reach a state of hunger, planning the diet.

In addition to fast food, potency is impaired by:

  • vegetables and foods of animal origin fried in large amounts of oil,
  • fatty (fatty lamb and chicken skin fried until crisp are equally destructive, though devilishly tasty),
  • smoked meats,
  • Salt,
  • sugar,
  • preservatives and flavor enhancers,
  • chemical soda,
  • chips.

The uniformity in the diet can lead to a deficiency of certain types of vitamins, so eating only nuts or only beef is not correct. It is worth remembering that a man preparing for a romantic evening that may turn into something else needs to limit himself to the amount of even healthier food. It may happen that after a delicious dinner, the body directs all its reserves to digest the steak or oysters, so there may not be enough strength and desire for active action.

By switching to proper nutrition, a man should not expect an erection to recover instantly. Full recovery can take from several weeks to several months.

What else does power depend on?

A man's sexual power depends largely on the food he eats, but food is not the only factor that affects potency. In addition to diet, heredity, past illness and injury, emotional background, and level of physical and mental stress affect the sexual viability of a strong half of humanity. The relationship with the partner is becoming an important factor in a successful sex life. Therefore, a man needs not only to eat well, but also to attend sports training (walk, go up and down stairs, and not in the elevator), breathe fresh air, go to bed on time, rest from work and homework. home. Loyalty to one's partner and the absence of sexually transmitted diseases are another "advantage" of the quality of a man's sex life.